Rhino3D to Unreal Studio Workflow

September 2018

Below you will find individual tutorial videos exploring the process of creating architectural models and importing them into Unreal Studio. Once in unreal, we will explore techniques needed for VR and interaction.


01 - Unreal Studio - An Overview

This initial video covers the basics of navigation of Unreal Studio


02 - Unreal Studio - Rhino3D to Unreal with Datasmith

This video explores how we can link a Rhino3D model with Unreal using Datasmith. The datasmith plug in is part of Unreal Studio, and is currently in beta.


03 - Master Materials in Unreal Studio

Using master materials is a very efficient way to create a series of materials in Unreal. This video explores a handful of master material types and how we can create material instances to texture our models. - Master Material File is available for download here.

04 - Custom Materials

Using crazybump to generate or downloading high quality materials brings the scene to life. Master Material File is available for download here.

05 - Using Water

An overview of a water material made from https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Water_Shader_Tutorial